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5 Positive Habits Highly Organized People Share !


5 Habits of Highly Organized People
Sometimes getting started on the right foot is simply a matter of following the leader. With that in mind, here are five habits shared by some of the most highly organized and successful thought leaders in business.

1. Wake Up Early
Apparently, the early bird still gets the worm. Entrepreneurs from Jack Dorsey to Richard Branson make it a point to start the day early. Of course, how you spend that time is up to you. Get a head start on your workday, focus on a passion project or de-stress with exercise or a good book — whatever puts your mind at ease.

2. Schedule Everything
Many people plan their days in 30- to 60-minute increments. The highly organized of the world get more specific. For example, gymnast Shannon Miller, a seven-time Olympic medalist, keeps a schedule that’s almost minute by minute. The more you account for your workday hours, the less likely your job is to intrude on your personal time later.

3. Make Personal Time
Take time to go to the gym, eat with the family, read a book and, most importantly, get adequate sleep. If you want to focus and work efficiently, you need to recharge your body and mind.

4. Write Things Down
How many great ideas do you forget daily? Even one is one too many. Get a small notebook and start writing down your thoughts. According to Richard Branson, Virgin would have never gotten off the ground without his trusty notebook. What could a notebook help you achieve?

5. Share the Burden
Highly organized people know there’s no “I” in “team.” In other words, you don’t have to do it all yourself, and asking for help is often more efficient.

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